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On Travelling and "Finding Yourself"

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on


Written by Jenna Robar 

It’s Okay if You Don't Find Yourself While Travelling

As we gear up for summer, wanderlust hits us with its maximum force; everyone wants to travel. This is the time when we can travel to the places we’ve been saving for, while we’re off of school or by taking a vacation from work. We often have goals in mind when we travel- diving at the perfect spot, getting a tranquil tan, or finding ourselves.

 The ambition of finding oneself through travelling is thought-provoking because it suggests that you ‘lost’ yourself. If you feel like you have ‘lost’ yourself, or that maybe you’ve fallen off of track, or whatever it may be- that’s a great place to start! By looking more deeply into your experiences and what led you to be you now, you can start to connect the dots.

Travelling is the greatest opportunity for anyone to learn, make memories, and meet new people, hands down! I truly believe that traveling solo is something everyone should do at least once. You’ll be able to hear your own voice, make all of your own decisions, and be yourself without any pressures or expectations. Allowing yourself the freedom to be yourself, in your own way, is such a valuable tool in the internal journey of ‘finding yourself’, because you are able to learn about you- your truest self.

It’s okay if you don’t find yourself while travelling because the journey starts with you- it’s within you, not on the itinerary. Don’t let the reason of finding yourself be the driving force behind you travelling. You can start to understand who you are wherever you are. Travel, explore, learn, grow, dip your toes outside of your comfort zone, take as many experiences as you can get, ENJOY yourself, and start connecting your own dots.


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