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The 10 Things You Needed to Hear Today

Posted by Adam Horan on

Written by Adam Horan 

We all have those days that are absolute shit and sometimes even that little boost of confidence or encouragement is all you need! 

1. You are doing the best you can, and that is amazing.

2. I'm not going to say things will get easier, but you are still fighting and working towards bigger and better things.

3. Don't base your success off of another person's -you are you and that is enough.

4. You woke up today and that in itself is a major accomplishment.

5. Taking time for yourself is okay- don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

6. It is okay to have those shitty days, you are human.

7. Your label is simply that, a label, it does not define you.

8. Even Oprah Winfrey has bad days.

9. You are made up of 250,000 blood platelets in your body and they are all working towards a good day. 

and finally...


Now go kick today's ass!



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