Warm and Fuzzy Thoughts for December



There’s something so comforting about a blazing fire juxtaposing fields of snow outside. December is upon us and that means lots of things. For some it may mean Seasonal Affected Disorder - I’m heavily affected by the weather so extended grey days can be really tough on me. At the same time, it’s also the most festive time of the year! Beat the winter blues with this collection of warm and fuzzy things I love about this month.



Watching That First Real Snowfall
I have this very distinct memory of anticipating the first big snowfall each year growing up. One time, I was so worried because it seemed like it would never snow, and then suddenly I woke up in the middle of the night and right outside my window the big cedar tree was covered with a layer of fresh, sparkling snow. That first moment is always breathtaking.

Reading by the Fire
There is nothing cozier than a good book by a fireplace - the warm halo that reflects on every page. Sometimes we get forget to find time to even read, so taking the time to just sit down and get enraptured into the chapters of a book is such a blessing. It’s the perfect time to just feel the heat and be in the moment.

Coffee Shops 
Everyone is back for the holidays which means endless amounts of coffee store visits with old friends. There’s a Second Cup that my best friend and I went to everyday all through junior high and we go back every December to catch up. I look forward to couches by the fireplace, soulful jazz playing gently in the background, and a steaming vanilla latte every year.

Cuddling and Watching Movies
Hanging out under a fuzzy blanket and enjoying a holiday movie is one of my favorite activities! I can pass entire days just watching classics on the TV. Whether it be with my little sister, my boyfriend, or my whole family, it’s always such a sweet time.

The Atmosphere 
From the smell of fresh pastries wafting in the air, to the look of sparkling lights on winter streets, to the bright hues of a December sunrise… it’s just an incredible month! There’s an extra spring in everyone’s step, as if kindness and generosity permeate through the air like wind. It’s the tail end of the year but the height of excitement.

December is one of my favorite months, there’s just an aura that is both warm and exciting; kind but palpably electric. It’s full of good food and good feelings, and these are just a few of the very happy things that makes this month so special. Seize the day and enjoy all that December has to offer. 

Written by Campus Rep, Mary Gao
Edited by Executive Assistant, Addie Van Rijn 


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