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Welcome Back Campus Rep, Julia!

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

Name: Julia Perry @j_perrs

School: Emerson College, Boston MA

Year: Sophomore/Second Year

Major: BA Business of Creative Enterprises

Fav thing about your campus: Location!! (It’s right in the middle of the city and overlooking the Boston Common)

Dream Job: CEO of Branding/Marketing Agency 



Welcome back for another year! What is your favourite thing about being a Campus Rep? 

The people! I have gotten the chance to talk to so many incredible people as a Campus Rep, and am constantly inspired by all of the positivity they exude. And even better than the people? The support they offer. Whether it’s through a good luck snapchat or offering advice, these young adults are some of the most inspirational and kind-hearted people I’ve ever encountered. 

What do you wish you knew about university before you started? 

That it’s okay to miss your mom. It’s okay to miss home, and it’s okay to be scared to grow up. When I first left for school I was convinced I was ready to be an adult living on my own and independent from my family. However while “adulting” can be fun, it can also be intimidating and overwhelming which is totally fine. That being said, I’m happy to now be at a place where I know I’m ready to embrace the challenges I face, but also turn to my core support system if needed and not feel bad about it. 


How do you fight stigma on your campus? 

I talk about it! Something that shocks a lot of people when they first meet me is how open I am about my struggles. I have no problem talking about anything I’ve experienced in the past and how it’s affected me and those around me. I’ve found this openness leads to conversation and education as well as establishes me as someone people can come talk to if they are going through a rough patch and want someone who they know understands to lean on. 

What is your fav place to spend some serious self-care time when you're on campus? 

Caffé Nero! It’s right across from my freshman dorm building and makes the best chai lattes in the world. It’s cute, cozy, and is my favorite place to go whether I’m finishing a project, writing a paper, or even just watching Netflix on my computer. 

What are you most looking forward to this semester? 

My classes! As nerdy as it sounds I am absolutely in love with my major and cannot get enough of the classes we have. It’s a fusion of business and creativity and I am constantly in awe with the material presented to us through both our professors and guests artists, as well as thoroughly challenged by the projects we are tasked with. 


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