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Welcome Back University of Delaware Campus Rep, Alyssa!

Posted by Alexandra Van Rijn on

Name: Alyssa @alyssa_friedman13

School: University of Delaware

Year: 3rd 

Major: Human Services and I have a minor in Disabilities Studies

Fav thing about your campus: The western side near the music buildings and the big grassy area. I love being able to grab a bench and do work in between classes while also hearing the music coming from the surrounding classrooms!

Dream Job: An elementary school counsellor. I also would love to continue working with Wear Your Label because of how passionate I am about mental health advocacy.

Welcome back for another year, Alyssa! What is your fav thing about the Campus Rep program? 

My favorite thing about being a campus rep is being able to make connections with other mental health advocates across the globe and learning what works well on their campuses! This not only helps me figure out what to implement on my own campus, but gives me an amazing support system of people I can turn to that “get it”.


What do you wish you knew before you started university? 

Before starting university I wish I knew that there was nothing wrong with taking less classes to help keep myself sane during the semester. I always thought that finishing in 4 years was what I had to do, but now I realize that there’s no “normal” amount of time to finish university. I take the number of classes I know I can handle and know that if it takes longer to graduate, that’s okay.

How do you help end the stigma at your school? 

I am the Vice President of the Active Minds chapter on my campus which allows me to reach a group of people passionate about mental health advocacy. This group is a great place to talk about Wear Your Label and hold With Love Letter Writing parties because everyone is so willing to take part.


What is your fav place to practice self-care on your campus? 

My favorite place to spend self-care time when I’m on campus is going to the coffee shop. The relaxing atmosphere and a cup of coffee is the perfect combination when I need to take a step back from everything I have going on.


What are you most looking forward to this semester? 

This semester I am most looking forward to working alongside the other campus representatives and getting to know them better. They’re all such role models to me and hearing their stories and advice helps me better understand myself and what I’m going through.


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