What Plants Taught Me About Myself

Plants are cool; they provide you with clean air, they look neat, and you don't have to worry about them like you do with kids. I recently did some thinking about plants and I found out that they are the coolest because what I was able to learn about myself through having plants


Plants have roots that secure them into the vessel they are in, they support the plant through everything, and they will go great lengths to ensure the plant is healthy. This reminds me a lot about having a firm support in mental health challenges; whether that is a psychologist, friends, family, or even your daily prescription regiment. They are all there to support you and will do anything to ensure you are healthy.


Flowers are pretty, don't get me wrong, but even some plants are beautiful without flowers, like succulents! Looking at myself I see no flowers, but looking around I see flowers everywhere, but I have began to realise that you don't need something like flowers, abs or great skin, to be beautiful. Embracing every stretch mark or cellulite, that is what makes someone beautiful. 


Flowers need water and sunlight to survive, much like humans. I've learned that getting outside gives you free enjoyment through vitamin C and drinking more water can help with your body and mind exponentially. Essentially, you put good in and you'll get good out; be healthy to yourself, this is the only body you get.


A plant can be placed in any sort of pot to live, especially succulents, those suckers will literally live through anything. Think of a plant's pot much like the way you look at your self; you are allowed to pick your clothing choices, wear what makes YOU happy!

Life and Death

I've had an orchid for a year now and not long after I got it, all the flowers fell off and it looked like it had ran it's course, but I didn't give up and lone behold it just recently bloomed again. Life can get hard and make you feel like your fading out, but never give up on yourself and wait for the good things that are coming, trust me they are coming.

In the end, some people may be the tiny succulent and others might be the big red rose, but you are you and much like plants no one is exactly a like. Embrace yourself and hang in there, it'll all be good in the end!



Adam "The Shipping Wizard" Horan


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