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Role Model: Nicki Palmer

Posted by Kelsey Schroeder on

What is a Role Model? Not too long ago, we decided that it wasn't enough to cast fashion models based on height and comp cards. We wanted to showcase the stories of real people, who are brave enough to wear their label. Nicki is one of those Role Models. 

Nicki Palmer is a part-time model, full-time role model from Harvey, New Brunswick. He's supported us since day 1 and means so much to WYL family. Despite living with a learning disability, Nicki hasn't let his label define him - and shares his story with young people to help them overcome their own fears and follow their ambitions. 


"Wear Your Label (is) this international fight for the stigma to be over. It feels like you’re a part of a revolution in a way."

 Photos: Kelsey Schroeder


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