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Role Model: Aerial

Posted by Kelsey Schroeder on

What is a Role Model? Not too long ago, we decided that it wasn't enough to cast fashion models based on height and comp cards. We wanted to showcase the stories of real people, who are brave enough to wear their label. Aerial is one of those Role Models. 


Aerial received her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification at Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla, San Diego in July 2014. She is registered with Yoga Alliance and currently lives and teaches in the Los Angeles area. She is passionate about the benefits of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness as they relate to mental health. She believes yoga and meditation have the power to cultivate one's best self by focusing on the mind, body, and soul. Aerial incorporates values of compassion and self-love in her yoga classes and guides her students in their practice through positive intentions and nonjudgmental awareness of their personal state. 


"Mental health is so important to talk about because of the fact that there’s so much shame and stigma that surrounds it. Right now, the research that I’m doing is looking at mindfulness and self compassion and how it benefits people struggling with mental health, learning to simply breathe or just be in the moment, be mindful, is so helpful. Just know that the world needs you more than you know. You’re not alone, at all. As a matter of fact, I honestly don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t struggled with their mental health." - Aerial

Photos: Kelsey Schroeder


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