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Role Model: Ceilah

Posted by Kayley Reed on

PhoWhat is a Role Model? Not too long ago, we decided that it wasn't enough to cast fashion models based on comp cards and height. We wanted to showcase the stories of real people, who are brave enough to wear their label. Ceilah is one of those Role Models. Here's her story.


Ceilah, age 20, is making change in the small city of Fredericton.

Recently, she spoke out on social media about her brother’s struggle with mental illness, which received over 20,000 views and 450 shares. It was also featured on CBC, where Ceilah highlighted how she wants to see change in schools.

“I want to see a lot change," said Keats. "I want to see more discussion in schools about it, more assemblies, and more ways to get help for yourself, besides making an appointments with the guidance counsellor." (CBC)


It is more important than anything that those who are currently suffering do not feel like they are alone

WYL: Tell us more about why you made this video.

Ceilah: My brother had been suffering since grade 7 from mental illness, and I fear that he had suffered in silence for so long because he did not know how to reach out to get help.  By making this video about his life and his memories I hope that more and more people will begin discussing the importance of raising awareness around mental illness.  It is more important than anything that those who are currently suffering do not feel like they are alone and feel that they are allowed to reach out for help.  I hope that Thomas's memory continues to impact people and aids in making a change around the stigma of mental illness's.

As this week is mental illness and mental health awareness week I have been working on a video in memory of my brother. Mental illness is a serious issue and needs to be discussed. Thank you all who take the time to view the video, it is very much appreciated.

Posted by Ceilah Foley-Keats on Thursday, October 8, 2015


Photos by Ashley Lemmon


  • Keep up the great work young lady Mental health is worst then cancer we cant see it.

    Florence Poland on

  • We lost our son to PTSD and mental illness. He was an advanced paramedic for 22 years. He was a wonderful,caring son and brother, father,uncle and much more. We walk for PTSD in Montreal walks for mental health. We are giving him a voice like you are. Bless you. Great job.

    Sandra Sorel on

  • You are an absolute terrific lady to stand up and share for people with mental illness. It is far too often misunderstood. Thank you!

    Carl Newman on

  • You’re doing an amazing job Ceilah! Keep it going!

    Hannah Keats on

  • You are doing such a good thing Ceilah. Your brother would be so proud of you. Keep up the good work. Xoxo

    Florence Spingle on

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