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Role Models: Morgan and Michelle!

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Tell us a bit about yourselves!

Hi there! My name is Michelle. I am a Canadian-based professional twin, activist, and blogger. I’ve worked in the student movement for a couple of years, which included being the Director Of Campaigns. I also run an Instagram/blog called BodyPosiPower. When I am not engulfed in final essays or exams, I’m blogging to my hearts content! My main areas of focus for my posts revolve around my passions which include self-love, self-care, Fat Activism, and mental health.

Hey folks! My name is Morgan, I am the twin sister of the rad bopo activist and self-love advocate above. I co-run an Instagram blog with my sister known as thebopotwins, along with recently making my personal blog a more inclusive fashion-oriented media blog, as well as adding a dash of wanderlust photography from recent and past travels, along with more mental health and survivor awareness advocacy to everyones timelines, as these are my main focuses within my life at this time. Oh, and a little Disney too! 


Why is ending the stigma important to you? 

Mi: Ending stigma is incredibly important to me, because I grew up believing that my mental health wasn't a problem I could really deal with. When I first began talking to someone about my mental health in middle school, I was basically told that I would get over it. Years later I am finally talking about my mental health and getting the help I needed when I was younger. I genuinely believe it is OK TO NOT BE OK. Once we break down stigma, we can create a society that is more accepting and healing to all those suffering from a variety of mental health problems.

Mo: Ending the Stigma is important to me merely because it continues to be so prevalent within our society. So many folks are struggling in silence because they themselves are silenced by the stigma. I believe there is an unlearning process that needs to happen here, which I currently am on the journey of doing, because its important that we focus on our minds first, and try to shutout all the negatively perpetuated stereotypes many of us learned while growing up about not being vocal about our mental health. This needs to change. 


What is your favourite thing about your twin? 

Mi: It truly is like having a best friend 24/7. She is also the best travel buddy, we love the same things and cry and laugh about the same things too. We rarely disagree with each other! She is an incredibly passionate and genuine person and I love her with all my heart, I couldn't ask for a better twin.

Mo: She is a literal stress reliever, I supposed it would be like having a therapy dog that can talk?? And I truly mean that in the best way possible. Couldn’t imagine life without her!


How do you support your twin when she is struggling? 

Mi: I like to remind Morgan how amazing of a person she is. She is always so busy advocating for things such as student rights, Consent awareness, and mental health, that I think it's easy for her to forget about herself along the way. She is always out there kicking serious butt, and I just like to remind her about the amazing work and change she is creating in this world. And of course I have to hug her, and probably have a good cry about it, then watch a Disney movie, all in that order.

Mo: We do daily check-ins with one another, and I usually can tell if she's not doing well. If she's going to start crying, I probably will too. It doesn't mean that one of us is stronger than another, I think it almost brings us together in the moment, sharing the emotion and just being as supportive as I possibly can. We usually watch a movie or listen to music to cheer each other up! Oh plus jokes, lots of jokes, we are easy laughers. 


What is your favourite way to practice self-care? 

Mo: Face masks and Disney Movies! Perhaps a tad cliche but then again screw that notion, just do what makes you feel good and relaxed. I also rock mediation whenever I can, it really helps me get grounded especially when I am feeling immense anxiety. 

Mi: Either going for a nice walk around my neighbourhood, or opting to switching off my phone and picking up a book when I can- Specifically Milk & Honey By Rupi Kaur. Poetry can be really relatable and emotional, and also incredibly thought-provoking.  Skincare and meditation are becoming a lot more common in my self-care routine, but I am always learning new ways to take care of myself both mentally and physically. 



Fun Q's 


Cats or Dogs?: 

Mi: Dogs ALL the way! I love lil puppers so so much. 

Mo: Oh yes dogs all the way, although I'm allergic, it’s worth the sneezes and watery eyes!


Tea or Coffee?: 

Mi: Tea! Has to be decaffeinated too, or else my anxiety goes through the roof. 

Mo: Peppermint or Chamomile Tea are my go-to’s as I have digestive issues (that also stir up when I am anxious) so these are very calming HOWEVER I also very much love Earl Grey/London Fogs.


What is the coolest thing about being a twin? 

Mi: hmmm, Always having someone to watch Disney movies with, no matter how many times we've seen it or cried about it. I’ve said it before but it really is like having a 24/7 best friend, she's always there when you need her!

Mo: I would need another 6 pages to describe all the things that are cool about being a twin, sorry!


What is the best thing that has happened to you this year? 

Mi: I’ve just genuinely started to put myself first. I was so used to putting everyone else before myself and kind of leaving myself in the dust. This has been a really educational year for myself both mentally and physically, and I’m really looking forward to the future! I’ve realized a lot of things I’m passionate about, including writing, which is a really comforting thing to know.  

Mo: Taking more time for myself has changed my life. Learning to be unapologetically myself has been the best thing so far, here’s to more awesomeness this year!


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  • You 2 are an inspiration to all. You already know what took me at least 40 years to learn. Bravo. Love you both so much!!

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