This brand started from a place of hurt. Through battling depression and an eating disorder, I was frustrated with the stigma that surrounds mental health; the lack of understanding and awareness. So, my friend Kyle and I came up with a small idea: clothing to spark conversations around mental health. Wear Your Label was born. 

1 in 5 people live with mental illness, but 5 in 5 have mental health. We all get stressed out, anxious, sad, frustrated, and feel joy. This isn't just my story, or yours - it's a movement. A small piece to a much larger puzzle, working to remove the stigma that silences so many (and giving back along the way). 

Wear Your Label is here to remind you that it's okay not to be okay. That self-care isn't selfish, and that you are not alone in whatever struggles you may be going through. 

Our pieces are designed for self-care sundays, to act as a little reminder of hope on those down days. I hope you find our corner of the internet a safe place.

From one person who "gets it" to another,

- Kayley
ceo & creative director