Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reed are the two young entrepreneurs behind Wear Your Label. Kyle lives with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Kayley is recovering from Anorexia Nervosa. But these are just labels. "Our struggles with mental illness, and our experience volunteering with non-profits, are what inspired us to start the brand." 

In December 2013, the two met while working on youth engagement workshops for a provincial mental health organization. Only a few weeks after working together, and sharing their personal mental health journeys with eachother, the idea for Wear Your Label came about. They realized there was a gap in the industry, and they were passionate to fill it. They spent the next few months researching, designing, and pitching to anyone who would listen.
Soon after, they were accepted to the Foundry Summer Institute's non-tech accelerator, and the rest is history.

Kayley and Kyle have worked on numerous mental health initiatives together. They facilitated at the student lead mental health summit Unleash the Noise!, have assisted in youth engagement strategies and branding for various organizations, and now sit in advising roles on the Transformational Research in Adolescent Mental Health (TRAM) Proposal. With Kayley's background in fashion, and Kyle's background in social causes, the two make the perfect team. Kayley is also a model, stylist, and fashion writer. Kyle co-founded an established non-profit, and has experience as a consultant on youth and environmental impact.