Campus Reps

So, what do Campus Reps actually do?

Beyond the basics (free stuff, and promo codes), you'll be our go-to squad for feedback on new products and campaigns! You should be willing to commit a couple hours each week to sharing and creating social media content and every semester, we'll task you with 1 fun mental health activity to host on your campus (things like our With Love: Letter Writing Campaign).


What makes a rad WYL Campus Rep?  

  • Must <3 WYL of course! Plus, be a current customer. Who better to spread the word than real members of our WYL family?! Except this time, perks included. 
  • Your major is majorly important. But so is your passion for change. We're looking for super motivated students in: marketing, communications, event planning, fashion, PR, and even psychology! This isn't just about reppin' your favorite brand - it's about gaining meaningful experience, too.
  • Be excited to take action! If you're already involved on your campus - whether in sports, student leadership, or volunteering - we want you to help us tackle the stigma, too. We know, it's no easy feat. But together, we got this. 


Think you have what it takes? 

Applications for 2017/2018 are now closed. 



Hear about the program from this year's Campus Reps!


“The Campus Rep program allowed me to connect with like-minded, passionate people around the US and Canada that I wouldn't have been able to meet (both virtually and in person!) otherwise. Their strength, spirit, and drive to make a difference inspires me and will continue to inspire me. I've found a family in WYL and know that they'll always support me, no matter what."
- Nancy Chen, Northeastern University


"Being part of WYL's Campus Rep program has been such an amazing experience - it's connected me to a group of amazing people who are just as passionate as I am about ending mental health stigma, and has introduced me to many new friends. I even met my best friend through the CR program, and we live three provinces away! I can honestly say that being part of the program has been one of the best things for my mental health and self-growth journey, and it's definitely something I hope lots of people decide to get involved with in the future.”
-Ally Geist, Dalhousie University 


"I was a Campus Rep this year for York University and I totally loved it. Not only did I represent an amazing company, but I got to meet other reps, brand ambassadors, and the rest of the extraordinary WYL team- AKA the people who ‘get’ it. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested- you WILL gain great friends, get more involved in the world of mental health, and add great pieces to your wardrobe!"
- Jenna Robar, York University