Campus Reps

What is a WYL Campus Rep? 

Campus Reps are members of the WYL fam that are just as passionate about ending the stigma surrounding mental health as we are! Campus Reps are a select group of brave university students who aren't afraid to start lots of positive conversations on mental health while proudly wearing their labels. 


What makes a rad WYL Campus Rep?  

  • Must <3 WYL of course! Plus, be a current customer. Who better to spread the word than real members of our WYL family?! Except this time, perks included. 
  • Your major is majorly important. But so is your passion for change. We're looking for super motivated students in: marketing, communications, event planning, fashion, PR, and even psychology! This isn't just about reppin' your favorite brand - it's about gaining meaningful experience, too.
  • Be excited to take action! If you're already involved on your campus - whether in sports, student leadership, or volunteering - we want you to help us tackle the stigma, too. We know, it's no easy feat. But together, we got this. 

So, what do Campus Reps actually do?

Beyond the basics (free stuff, and promo codes), you'll be our go-to squad for feedback on new products and campaigns! You should be willing to commit a couple hours each week to sharing and creating social media content. And every semester, we'll task you with 1 fun mental health activity to host on your campus (things like our With Love: Letter Writing Campaign).
Applications are closed for the 2016/2017 school year.