Press Release

September 3, 2020

Wear Your Label relaunches with new products, drive to build connection for those living with mental illness

FREDERICTON, NB -- This week, Fredericton-based Wear Your Label relaunched its e-commerce portal featuring brand new products designed to change perceptions about mental health. Founder Kyle MacNevin has designed a series of prints with imagery and messages that give a voice to mental illness and help customers feel more connected.

There’s more to the Wear Your Label brand than what it sells. MacNevin said he’s always seen the company as a connector and a curator of people’s mental health experiences. The company is relaunching just as Canadians are facing more uncertainty connected with the pandemic.

“We know the isolation and the constant crisis-mode brought on by this pandemic are causing a rise in depression, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety among people living with mental health challenges. Wear Your Label has always been there to say ‘it’s going to be OK, you’re not alone.’ Now it’s more important than ever,” MacNevin emphasized.

MacNevin, a designer and true entrepreneur, started Wear Your Label with one of his classmates as a university project in 2014. The company produced clothing with messages related to mental health and became popular right away, resulting in global endorsements, a New York Fashion Week appearance, and collaborations with Joe Fresh and Hudson’s Bay Company. MacNevin was forced resign from Wear Your Label in 2016 to focus on his mental wellbeing after a suicide attempt.

Now with planning and execution support from Atlantic-based Symplicity Designs, a leading Atlantic Canadian organizational design firm that helps businesses navigate crisis, rebuild, and scale.

Wear Your Label is relaunching with a new business model -- an online shop featuring a collection of stylish posters and framed prints that are perfectly suited for university dorm rooms, office, and home decor.

“There is a real need for people living with mental illness to feel like they’re connected. Although we know printed slogans aren’t enough, I designed the prints to offer images and messages you can have around you that convey social connection and provide hope. At a time when we’re all going to be spending more time indoors and there is so much that’s unknown, these prints are visual reminders to take care of your mental health and reach out to your support network,” said MacNevin.

MacNevin added he plans to expand the Wear Your Label line to include other home decor and fashion products in the months to come, but the real point is creating a community and giving people a safe space to talk about their mental health.

Studies show social connection and sharing your story with others is a positive way to build mental resilience. When people are feeling lonely, depressed, and anxious, the best remedy is to connect with others - friends, family, colleagues, and community members. We can also get social support from someone who is available to listen and someone who understands your problems.

Wear Your Label will encourage conversations and connections through its social media channels and he intends to invite customers to provide input into future directions for the business.

“Wear Your Label has always been about personal connection and creating community. I welcome customers to call me directly and to see this is more than some generic online’s a group of people who have lived experience with mental illness and understand what it’s like,” MacNevin said.

About Wear Your Label
Wear Your Label is a company that seeks to reduce stigma and encourage conversations around mental health. Entrepreneur and designer Kyle MacNevin started Wear Your Label in 2014 as a conscious clothing company, and the brand has evolved with the constant goal to build community and encourage connection for people living with mental illness.

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Kyle MacNevin, founder, Wear Your Label