Survivors of Sexual Assault Gemstone Bracelet

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A subtle reminder that you're not alone.

The Addictions Awareness Bracelet is a symbol of strength and support. Made of rose quartz gemstones, each bracelet features four rudraksha beads and a logo charm. 

Gemstone Features:

  • encourages self-worth and nurtures compassion for oneself and others
  • helps to clear anger, grief and past emotional trauma
  • eases anxiety and brings emotional balance

Bracelet Details:

    • Made in PEI, Canada
    • gemstone: rose quartz
    • logo charm: iron, nickel plated and polished
    • small sizing: approx. 30 stones/beads, each is 5mm in length
    • large sizing: approx. 36 stones/beads, each is 5mm in length
    • bracelets are strung on stretch elastic creating a flexible fit

Photos by Allie Beckwith